Before we cut to the chase, please take a minute to find out about the services we can offer to help make your e-zines and e-newsletters look more professional, read well and arrive on time in everyone’s mailbox you choose.

We are able to draw from a talent pool of creative writers, reserchers, designers and webmasters to make your communications perfect for their target audiences.

Your readers may want to know what you’re up to – but they’ll definitely want to know what your sector is up to. So how do you move from just beating your own drum to providing a helicopter view of your industry? Leave it to us; we use everything from RSS feeds to good old fashioned research to get the facts behind the stories, and then deliver them to your readers.
Struggling for words? Trying to say the same thing differently? Looking to put clear blue water between you and your competitors? We have a team of full-time and freelance wordsmiths whose talent for prose and grammar sees their fingers dancing across the keyboard (see what we mean?)
The team working on your ezines have more than 80 years experience between them (Okay, so that takes us to the 1920s when the Internet wasn’t around, but that’s not the point.) They really know their onions when it comes to every facet of design – just take a look around this website to see what we mean.
We slave over the latest Apple Macs (but if you work on a PC, never fear; we still love you). The latest hardware and cutting edge software means the designs we produce will only ever be limited by your (and our) imagination. And, if you do need anything outside the norm, we have the contacts with all the know-how we need.
We know how to say the right thing but sometimes, as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words. That’s no problem – we have dedicated and skilled photographers who will capture just the right image, and the technology to edit and enhance shots in every way possible.
We know how important it is to make your e-zine readable (from a recipient’s perspective) and acceptable (from their e-mail policy!). There’s no point in crafting a magnificent ezine that is deleted without being opened or never even makes it past a company firewall. That’s why we usually recommend that Big Red E hosts your e-zine database; we’ll keep it as fresh as a daisy and up to date, and handle any issues relating to deletion without it having any impact on your e-mail databases. And, of course, we’re fully DPA compliant, both in letter and spirit.
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